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Signed, with a personal note




"We were carried away and loved every second of it!   Hit repeat and play it again.   We're hooked!"

"I could not stop singing this song! It stuck in my head like al dente pasta to a wall!"


"Really happy, feel good song. It made me smile as I listened."


"The chorus and hook are extremely catchy. I was singing it way after listening to it! "



There is so little in the way of feel good music out today, and it really takes someone like Frank Jurgens to inject a little bit of sunshine to what is a pretty bleak era of music. “Date Night, the Game” is a track that ties together a wide swath of music, playing on the works of individuals like Jimmy Buffett, Tom Petty, and even Warren Zevon. The chorus hits and sticks with listeners, no matter how long it may be since the last time that individuals have heard the disc. “Last Call At The Tiki Bar”, the titular track, is another high point for Jurgens on the disc. The track itself continues the trends heard during “Date Night, the Game” while adding some interesting new twists and turns to the mix.

This means that the track showcases a love for the works of a Randy Newman, with a piano line that will titillate while keeping a solid momentum. “I Ain’t Proud About It Baby” is another album-expanding track: a fifties sound comes forth that taps both the rockabilly and early rock style, while still showcasing Jurgens’ unique allure. The track deftly balances the instrumental and vocal sides to Jurgens’ album, with each side going full-bore throughout the song. “Who’s That Lady With the Long Blonde Curly Hair” continues to shake things up, with Jurgens going way back to almost a jazz style for the space of the song. Despite all these trips and treks through the corpus of American music, the talent shown here by Jurgens is the common thread that unites everything on “Last Call At The Tiki Bar” and ensures that listeners will stick with the disc throughout.

If you want your music to both be crafted with the utmost care as well as bring a smile to your face, picking up “Last Call At The Tiki Bar” is essential. After doing that, see the magic that is created in an intimate live setting when Jurgens takes the stage!

Last Call at the Tiki Bar CD w/Personalized Message

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