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The Story So Far...

Like every Jersey kid growing up, I was a little rough around the edges and a little over exposed to the salty ways of the world, but was fortunate to be surrounded by great family, friends and others in my life who shaped a musical culture from so many influences.     My personal inspirations came from all the terrific singer/songwriters of our time, beginning with the Beatles who had arguably 3 of the top singer/songwriters of all time, to Elton John, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Lyle Lovett, Neal Young and countless others.   Their magic is reflected in my music and shows  where you'll hear me  singing a Sinatra tune one moment and belting out BB King the next. 


I knew pretty early on that performing music was going to be a major part of my life.   Along the way,  most of what I’ve developed has been self taught, although I have had the great fortune to learn from  some of my local idols like Christine Ohlman, Steve Evans, Peter Harvey, Darryl Davis, Fiona Boyes as well as study songwriting at Berklee School of Music and performance at the Hartford Conservatory of Music.


After moving to Connecticut, I became a sought after performer in bands and duos, but primarily as a solo performer playing cover tunes throughout the Northeast in halls, clubs and piano bars.      I was the musical chameleon, building my craft as a stage performer, crowd engager as somebody known for a good time, good music and great fan experience.  


My heart and passion was always with the singer/songwriters of the era, the ones that crafted stories and moved me with their uncanny ability to convey them with emotion and technical brilliance.   I knew I had stories to tell and experiences to share as well, so I began writing my own tunes the way I wanted to share them.   My music has been described as a cross between Tom Petty and Lyle Lovett with a lot of Elton John and Billy Joel mixed in.    But it’s really more than that – it’s the culmination of all my heroes and idols – Springsteen, Delbert McClinton, Keb Mo, Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffer, and so many countless others.   If I had a dollar for every time I said “I’d love to write a tune like that”…..


I continue to work and develop my craft to put out the best songs I can.    Music to me is a way to transform energy, to bring the world together in laughter,  harmony and emotion, and that’s my goal with the music I release.   To touch people in some small way that they leave having had a good experience    


My hope is you find a piece of yourself in my tunes and I’d love to see you on the road some day.   Please do come up and say “Hi”.   You are why I do this.

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