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Frank Jurgens is a full time musician, performer and singer songwriter who calls the seaport town of Mystic, CT home.     He's been a regional touring artist for the last 30 years, performing thousands of  shows throughout the Northeast and Eastern seaboard.

His music draws influences from American roots (a blend of blues, rock, soul and pop).    You'll hear songs and influences from a wide variety of artists including the likes of Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Matchbox 20, Elton, Billy and countless others.


Frank Jurgens' mix of lyrical wit, storytelling and memorable melodies have earned him both critical praise and reviews as well as a community of loyal fans.    He is known for his energetic and emotional shows where he connects with his audiences through the strength of his songwriting and performance.     As one critic put it,"He's a master stylist who throws every bit of himself into the performance and writes first rate material that serves his talents well.   The piano is exceptional, without question".


He studied piano, performance and songwriting at the Hartford Conservatory of Music and Berklee School of Music.


Frank has released 2 critically acclaimed albums include his debut "Last Call at the Tiki Bar and a self-titled work "Frank Jurgens".   Most recently, he released a live performance audio/video -  "The Recording Den Sessions"


Frank is a powerful singer, songwriter and a must-see live performer.

"You could spend a lot of time scanning the radio looking for this kind of talent and find plenty of posers doing exactly what he's trying to accomplish - or, you can check out this LP and find a guaranteed slew of treasures you're not likely to put down anytime soon"

I find myself unable to turn away from his vocals once he starts singing. He has an easy charisma that practically leaps out of the speaker and he’s a riveting  performer as well.

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