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What They're Saying

"He's meant to be a star"

"an invigorating listening experience.   You can't tear yourself away from him."

"No one else is writing, recording and performing music like this in 2023"


"He's a master stylist who throws every bit of himself into the performance and writes first rate material that serves his talents well"


"He has an easy charisma that practically leaps out of the speaker"

"I'm unable to turn myself away from his vocals once he starts singing"



"You could spend a lot of time scanning the radio looking for this kind of talent and find plenty of posers doing exactly what he's trying to accomplish - or, you can check out this LP and find a guaranteed slew of treasures you're not likely to put down anytime soon"

"The big difference maker is, of course, Frank Jurgens' vocal presence and the personality he brings to the material."



Cover Songs

What Veronica Wants                           1:59
You Could Be the Change in Me         1:24
Suppose                                                  1:20

Original Songs

Last Call at the Tiki Bar                    :55
Emily                                                 1:08
I Just Want to Dance With You     1:24
Brown Suitcase                               1:26

Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffett, Mayer Hawthorne

Kinks, Burton Cummings, U2

Who's Frank

Frank Jurgens' mix of lyrical wit, storytelling and memorable melodies have earned him both critical praise and reviews as well as a community of loyal fans.    He is known for his energetic and emotional shows where he connects with his audiences through the strength of his songwriting and performance.     As one critic put it,"He's a master stylist who throws every bit of himself into the performance and rights first rate material that serves his talents well.   The piano is exceptional, without question".


His piano-based music is best described as Americana roots - a blend of blues, rock, soul and pop which draws influences from a wide variety of artists, including the likes of Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20), Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Elton, Billy and countless others.

Today, Frank is a regional touring artist, having performed over 1,000 shows throughout the Northeast and Eastern seaboard.   His regular Livestream concerts are enjoyed by the loyal fans from all corners of the globe (Australia, New Zealand, British Columbia, Europe)

Frank is a powerful singer, songwriter and a must-see live performer.

To Book

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Copy of live! (1).png

Configuration:      Frank can perform in many configurations - as a solo artist, a duo or a full band including drums, bass, horns, guitar

Setup:    As a solo artist, Frank typically brings a small baby grand piano shell to house his digital piano, providing an authentic look and feel while maintaining a small footprint.   Frank will also use a small portable Bose sound system to produce high quality audio with a tiny footprint.

Promotion:    Frank enjoys an active social media community as well as an email list and will promote and advertise each event to maximize attendance

Booking:     For availability and pricing:
     Phone/Text:   (860) 235-6721

Social Media:


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