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           Frank Jurgens Releases Self-Titled Album

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Singer/songwriters have been dominating the story in 2021, but unless you’ve heard what Frank Jurgens is mustering up in his new self-titled album, I don’t think you’ve heard some of the best the underground has to offer just yet.

Frank Jurgens doesn’t play by your rules - he’s got an ear for the fundamentals in pop songwriting, and he’s putting them to work in this album like nobody’s business. “Brown Suitcase,” “Who is to Blame,” “See it Coming Down” and “Emily” could have made a must-listen EP, but instead they’re joined by such an awesome cast of supporting characters in these additional songs that it’s hard to imagine listening to this record through without hearing every song it includes. Pop is such a volatile genre in music, and if there’s something that we can learn about its virtues from listening to an LP like Frank Jurgens, it’s that sometimes keeping things pretty simple can result in the most sophisticated of results. 

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Frank Jugen
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