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Pandemic or not, weekly Facebook Live online concerts have become a staple of my live performances.   Sure, I love the atmosphere and connection of being in-person in front of a crowd of people.    But there is truly something special I get out of performing to people all over the country and world, who can join our magical experience from the comfort of their homes with friends, interact live during the performance and become good friends.


I simply enjoy the hell out of it.  It gives me the opportunity to be real, raw and live; to be able to showcase new songs in progress; test out ideas; tell stories; listen to you and build a connection that is unlike anything else.    I've been blessed with a loving, grateful audience.


And, there is no doubt I will continue to show up and deliver well after this pandemic is past us, for sure.


I welcome you to stop by and join us for the experience.

Check out my current schedule and view live performances here

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