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Your entry has been received and will be included in the upcoming Friday raffle.

Here's what happens next.    On Friday's, I will be selecting the random winner from this week's raffle entrants.     I intend to do this Live on my Facebook page.   (NOTE:   I will not reveal your full identity unless you give me permission.   I respect your privacy)

If you are the lucky winner this week, I will attempt to contact you through Facebook Messenger to let you know.   You will also receive an email with instructions on how to a) download the MP3 version of the album for immediate enjoyment; and b) how to provide me with your send-to details to send you the physical CD along with a personalized note from me.

Who knows?    You could be the lucky one this week.

Stay tuned...

To learn more about Last Call at the Tiki Bar, go here.

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